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The Bee’s Knees is a positive, safe space to bring more light and positivity to YOU. Here you will find a toolbox full of resources to help you become your best self. Check out what The Bee’s Knees has to offer you through our shop, blog, podcast, and any of our social media platforms.

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The Bee’s Knees is here to be a safe space and a toolbox of resources for all things mental health and wellbeing. The mission here is to encourage others to become their best selves by being a positive space am. Whether you read the monthly newsletter, listen to the podcast, or look through TBK’s socials, we want to see you succeed and love the life you are living. 

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The podcast showcases real and raw emotions and experiences with mental health. The hope for the podcast is to be a platform for people to tell their story to show that we are never alone in our struggles. Listen on whatever platform you get your podcasts from for more tips and advice on mental health and wellbeing. Click here to listen.

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