Go With Your Gut

Go With Your Gut

Have you been considering cutting out gluten or diary? Maybe even sugars or carbs? Before you make a decision, let me give you the real information that no one is telling you about which foods you should be cutting out of your diet.

I love ice cream, but my gut does not. She suffers from something commonly know as LACTOSE INTOLERANCE . However, if you asked if I still regularly choose dairy options, that answer would be YES! 

Made the decision to get sorbet rather than ice cream because that’s what my body needed.

When I was in recovery, I felt like I really had to learn the balancing act between:

  1. Letting myself have food freedom
  2. Taking care of my body as self care
  3. Allowing my eating disorder to take over

For anyone else out there, any kind of gut issues or food sensitivities/allergies, you understand it can be so tempting to want to eat a food even when you know it contains something that doesn’t agree with our gut. Depending on the severity, you can probably relate when I say sometimes i just have to prepare myself with tums knowing I’m gonna be paying for my choices later. For me, this looks like choosing to get that double scoop ice cream cone or ordering an extra large queso. 

Although this option can result in tummy aches and a crazy trip to the bathroom, letting myself indulge sometimes is how i choose food freedom.

Some delicious veggie nachos I made while at the beach.

Other times this might not be the case at all. Telling myself I need to spend some time away from dairy is really just a form of self care. If I continuously choose to hurt my gut with food it wasn’t made to handle, I’m only doing myself a disservice. To be very clear, I am not advocating for you to cut out gluten, dairy, or other foods based on an article you read about how to get skinny and lose 10 pounds in a week. I’m advocating for you to do some self care by showing your gut some love. Loving your body and practicing self care also means that you take care of your body and listen to it’s needs over our wants. 

The key component to remember here is your WHY. Why am I choosing the dairy-free option? Well it’s not because I think cutting out dairy will help me achieve the perfect body type. It’s not because the person I compare myself to on instagram also doesn’t eat dairy. It’s definitely not because I want to cut out as much food as possible as an excuse to not eat when around friends. Yes, these were exactly the reason I would choose the dairy-free option in the past. Now? Now, I love my body so much that I honor and show her love by keeping her strong and feeling her best! Her best is not when she continuously eats something that hurts her. 

When my eating disorder had complete control over me, I would continuously use stomach aches as an excuse to not eat. I could eat just the right amount of something i knew would piss off my gut enough to not have an appetite. This my friends is some wicked form of self hate. 

I would give control over to my eating disorder and go crazy with other food to cut out whether they bothered my gut or not. It would start small and it would grow into something I couldn’t stop. Deep down there was always going to be a reason from my eating disorder why I shouldn’t eat something. That’s just what they do. But the truth is none of those reasons were ever going to bring me as much joy as loving my body does.

My body works hard to keep me going and in return I choose to love her and treat her in a way that will help her thrive. I choose this not just because I have to or because it’s the right thing to for recovery. I make this choice to indulge in body acceptance and self love simply because I deserve it. 

You should go and love yourself,


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