About Us

Meghan H.

Hey friends!  My name is Meghan (Megs) and I am in recovery from an eating disorder. I am a mom to Greyson, an author, advocate, and survivor of child abuse and trafficking. I love Jesus, people, and you will always catch me smiling or laughing. My passion is being an advocate for victims of abuse and my goal in life is to help others by advocating for mental health and sharing my story.

Jenna B.

Hi friends! My name is Jenna B. I consider myself officially recovered from my eating disorder and am so proud of that! With that said, I continuously work on improving my mental health all the time. I’m married to the sweetest husband and together we have two dogs and a bunny. Our house is crazy, especially when my Godson Greyson is around, but we love it! My goal is to help others through their mental health journey by being an advocate for them and sharing my similar experiences.